Stihl MS 151 TC-E (10" OR 12")

Stihl MS 151 TC-E (10" OR 12")

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The lightest top handle saw made by STIHL.

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    STIHL's lightest top-handle chainsaw

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    The lightest top handle saw made by STIHL.

    This upgraded version of the MS 151 features a new 2-MIX engine that consists of a new cylinder, piston and exhaust. These changes mean there is an increase in power of the saw by up to 1.05kW and a 15% increase in torque to 1.1Nm - all while retaining the lightweight nature of the saw.

    Fitted with a manual fuel pump and STIHL's ErgoStart (E) technology, this saw is easy to start-up so you can get on with the job straight away.

  • Features

    • Ideal chainsaw for professional use,
    • Available with a 10-inch bar or 12-inch bar,
    • Ergo Start included,
    • Top handle grip,
    • Great for firewood or pruning branches at height,
    • 2-year warranty (domestic only)
  • Specifications

    Technical data Value
    Displacement cm³ 23.6
    Power output kW/bhp 1.1/1.5
    Weight kg 1) 2.6
    Power-to-weight ratio kg/kW 2.4
    System weight kg 2) 2.92 / 2.97
    CO2 g/kWh 969
    Sound pressure level dB(A) 3) 96
    Sound power level dB(A) 3) 109
    Vibration values left/right m/s² 4) 4.9/4.9
    Tank volume l 0.20
    Speed at maximum power Um 10.000
    Bumper spike No bumper spike
    Sprocket - number of teeth 8 Z
    Cylinder 4 channel / chrome
    Oil pump Non-adjustable
    Filter Standard filter,Standard filter
    Sprocket Sprocket profile
    Chain tensioning Side chain tension
    Anti vibration system AV system, steel spring
    Handle type Tophandle
    Filler cap Tool-free filler cap
    Chain pitch 1/4"P
    EPA Certified fuel consumption glh 0.135
    EPA Certified fuel consumption l/h 0.51
    Oil tank volume cm3 150