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STIHL SH 86 C-E Blower / Vacuum Shredder

STIHL SH 86 C-E Blower / Vacuum Shredder

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STIHL’s SH 86 C-E is a comfortable and convenient leaf blower / vacuum shredder, offering increased performance to reduce garden waste and make light work of autumn debris.

  • Description

    A great value blower / vacuum shredder to make gardening a breeze.

    This is a superb solution to dealing with garden waste, whether you want to use it in the blower mode, to move debris around, or as a vacuum shredder, to effectively reduce the volume of waste.

    An excellent feature of these tools is the ability to quickly and easily convert them between blower and shredder vacuum modes. The inclusion of a special shredder blade on the fan wheel allows you to reduce garden waste as it is passed into the vacuum bag, while simple conversion to the blower function means you can effectively organise leaves and debris away from paths or driveways when required. The vacuum bag includes an integrated shoulder strap, which reduces fatigue and allows for more movement while working.

    The SH 86 C-E supports one-handled control, with this handle also including a soft-grip area that enables a secure and comfortable purchase on the machine. In conjunction with this, STIHL’s anti-vibration technology works to dampen the engines oscillations, which in turn significantly reduces vibrations at the handles of the machine.

    This is an easy machine to use, not only with regards to the easy switching between operating modes, but also when bearing in mind STIHL’s ErgoStart technology, included as standard with this machine. ErgoStart makes the starting process more reliable and requires less effort compared to machines without the technology. This model also benefits from a throttle lock with built-in stop switch, ideal for safety, and a HD2 filter that is easy to clean.

    Complete with a 2 year warranty.

  • Specification

    • Displacement: 27.2 cm³
    • Power Output: 0.8/1.1 kW/bhp
    • Weight: 5.6 kg
    • Sound Pressure Level: 97.0 dB(A)
    • Sound Power Level: 105.0 dB(A)
    • Vibration Levels Left/Right: 2.5/1.9 m/s²
    • Max. Air Throughput, Vacuum Mode: 770 m³/h
    • Equipment: Round Nozzle / Flat Nozzle

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