Stihl SG51 Backpack Sprayer

Stihl SG51 Backpack Sprayer

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Backpack sprayer for occasional and professional use. Comfortable with pump lever mounted on the right or left and ergonomic shutoff valve. Robust design for long service life, even with professional use.

  • Features

    • Left or right hand trigger

      The trigger can be quickly converted from left to right hand use. This provides an optimal working position for both right-and left-handed users. If necessary, the pump lever can be adjusted in length.

    • Ergonomic shutoff

      The innovative shutoff valve offers is both comfortable in use and allows precise work.

    • Hanging strap

      The harness is firmly fixed and the top and bottom of the sprayer for hanging. The back straps can be mounted in two different positions and adjusted to suit the size of the user.

    • Integrated measuring cup

      The container lid contains three measuring cups 10ml, 20ml and 50ml.

    • Integrated spray tube holder

      Enables the safe storage of the sprayer during storage and transport. An additional bracket is provided for securely attaching the spray hood available as accessory.

    • Central output tube

      The output tube is located centrally on the container, allowing the user greater freedom of movement when working with the sprayer.

    • Internal pump

      The pump is placed inside the container and protected from damage.

    • Brass hollow cone nozzle

      With the standard hollow cone spray can be accurately applied. Additional nozzles are available as accessories.

    • Carrying systems

      The manual sprayer is equipped with a robust carrying system.

  • Specifications

    Technical data Value
    Weight kg 4.8
    Tank capacity l 12