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Husqvarna Automower® 435X AWD

Husqvarna Automower® 435X AWD

SKU: 9678533-03
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Husqvarna Automower® 435X AWD – a pioneer on the robotic lawnmower market.

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  • Description

    An all-wheel-drive model that makes light work of lawns up to 3,500 m² and navigates obstacles, rough terrain and slopes of up to an impressive 70 %. The mower features X-line design with LED headlights, remote object detection and intuitive interaction with Automower® Access. Equipped with Automower® Connect including GPS theft tracking.

  • Features

    • Automower® All-Wheel Drive

      Automower® AWD models optimizes the control of each individual wheel in order to enable superior operation in the most demanding terrain.

    • Automower® Zone Control

      Create both work areas and temporary stay-out zones in the Automower® Connect app, without changing the installation.

    • Pivoting rear body design

      Built on an articulated rear body design with a pivoting capability, that enables truly excellent maneuverability for navigation on complex lawns and through passages.

    • Automower® Connect app

      Enjoy the convenience of complete command from your smartphone with the Husqvarna Automower® Connect app.

    • Remote object detection

      Built-in sensors helps the mower to avoid hard collisions by detection of objects.

    Other features include:

    • Husqvarna AIM Technology (Automower® Intelligent Mapping)
    • GPS-assisted navigation - PATENTED
    • Smart Home integration
    • Smart Connections with IFTTT
    • FOTA - Firmware-Over-The-Air
    • Automower® Access
    • GPS theft protection
    • Secondary Area
    • Automower® X-Line
    • GeoFence