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ALKO MH 350-9 LM Petrol Cultivator

ALKO MH 350-9 LM Petrol Cultivator

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Our cultivators impress with efficient tiller blades, powerful motors and top operating ergonomics.

  • Description

    The AL-KO MH 350-9 LM Petrol Cultivator

    The MH 350-9 LM cultivator is your lightweight, manoeuvrable tool for efficient, time-saving use in your garden. Whether for cultivation, ventilation or loosening the soil: with the AL-KO MH 350-9 LM, you can prepare the soil before sowing, loosen it up and incorporate nutrients, fertiliser and fresh topsoil.


    Technical data of the AL-KO MH 350-9 LM Cultivator

    With the MH 350-9 LM cultivator, loosening up small areas is easy. With a working width of 35 cm you can reach every corner of your garden. The work load compared to manual work with a shovel or a spade is greatly reduced as the specially shaped cultivator blades have been designed for fine-crumbled tillage. With its 2.7 kW motor and weighing just 26 kg, it has the necessary power but retains its manoverability. The ergonomic handlebar is infinitely height-adjustable and foldable for transport. With the 3-way adjustable brake spur, you can adjust the working depth as required. Ideal for working in tight spaces: The ergonomic controls combined with the low weight make it easier for you to work in any position, in angular beds or on slopes. The removable transport wheel makes it easy to move the cultivator to a different working or storage location. In addition, the high-quality cover over the tilling blades which is made of robust steel sheet protects the operator from stones and soil flying around.


  • Features

    Greater Safety

    The locked safety hand lever prevents inadvertent turning of the tiller blades.

    Plantable Soil

    Specially shaped tiller blades combined with powerful engines guarantee that you can effectively work the ground into plantable soil.

    • Compact cultivator for loosening up soil and preparing the ground for sowing
    • Light and agile weighing just only 26 kg
    • 4 active chopping knives with 35 cm working width
    • 3-way height adjustable brake spur
    • Robust worm gear transmission in an oil bath, driven by a V-belt
  • Specification

    Brand AL-KO
    Power in kW 2.1 KW
    Working Width in cm 35 CM
    Height in cm 45 CM
    Length in cm 64 CM
    Width in cm 38 CM
    Cubic Capacity in cc 139
    Number of Strokes rpm 2850
    Electric Start No
    Autochoke Yes
    Product Range Easy
    Primer Yes
    Net Weight in kg 28 KG
    Sound Power Guar LwA[dB (A)] 93
    Number of Blades 4 ST
    Gross Weight in kg 30 KG
    Blade Diameter cm 25 CM

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