Toro Super Recycler

Toro Super Recycler

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The Toro Super Recycler mowers are better for the environment, easier to operate and offer you the best mulching performance available. Aluminium decks are lightweight and will not rust, providing years of quality service. This self propulsion system innovatively matches your step and pace, allowing you to mow effortlessly up to 4 mph (6.4 km/h).

  • Description

    Ideal for gardeners with medium-sized lawns, the Toro 20835 / 21681 Super Bagger Mower features a robust 48cm cast aluminium cutting deck and delivers outstanding results when it comes to grass collection.

    Superior collection performance is due to several clever design features. The large rear discharge chute allows more grass to flow into the grassbag, while the cutterblade accelerator is specifically constructed to increase airflow inside the cutting deck, keeping everything moving and pushing the grass cuttings more rapidly into the bag. The grassbag itself meanwhile boasts an excellent capacity of 60.5 litres, meaning you won’t need to make too many stops to empty it. Alternatively, when the grass is longer and trickier to cut, you can use the mower’s rear discharge function by removing the grassbag. This ejects the clippings back out of the deck and prevents the cutting blade from getting clogged up. Finally, the mower can also be employed as a leaf shredder and collector if you raise the cutting height to its highest level. The cutting height can be easily adjusted with a single lever, and offers a selection of heights ranging between 25mm and 102mm, ensuring that the mower is more than ready to deal with a wide variety of grass conditions.

  • Features

    Cast Aluminium Cutting Deck

    Durable, rust-free cast aluminium cutting deck converts from mulching, side discharging, or rear bagging without tools.


     AutoMatic Drive System

    This intelligent drive-technology allows you to work at your own pace – the mower is self propelled but automatically moves as quickly or as slowly as you do, continually adapting to your chosen walking speed, even on slopes.

     Patented Toro® Recycler® Cutting System

    Recycling – Good for your Lawn, Good for the Environment The patented design of the cutting chamber and blade repeatedly chops the grass cuttings into tiny pieces and forces them back into the turf where they decompose quickly and provide nutrients and moisture to the soil. Recycling grass clippings or mulching as it’s also known instead of collecting them saves you time, money and effort and is healthier for the planet.

     Quick Change Storage Handle

    Easily and quickly raise the handle, by turning the blue knobs, for storing the mower upright in tight spaces.

     Washout Port

    The deck washout port is a convenient way to clean the bottom of the deck - maintaining optimum airflow for high performance.


  • Specifications

    Specification Toro 21681 48cm Super Recycler Petrol Mower 3 in 1:
    * Engine: Toro® OHV 159cc
    * Cutting Width: 19"/48cm
    * Height of Cut Adjustment: 1 Point, 25mm - 102mm
    * Drive System: AutoMatic Drive System with Traction Assist
    * Deck Material: Cast Aluminium Deck
    * Weight: 39kg
    * Warranty: 5-Year Full
    * Collection Bag Capacity: 60.5 l
    * Engine Displacement: 159cc
    * Height: 109cm
    * Length: 152cm
    * Width: 53cm