Stihl Dynamic BT with Bluetooth

Stihl Dynamic BT with Bluetooth

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Suitable for a wide variety of uses, such as with a smartphone, Bluetooth 4.0, separate AUX input, battery runtime up to 38 hours, EN 352, SNR 29. (H:33; M:26; L:18)

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    The Stihl Dynamic BT Ear Protectors with Bluetooth speakers are ides for a range of applications including mowing, clearing and brush cutting. Designed with a separate AUX input with a battery run time of up to 38 hours. Featuring a microphone which allows for phone connection when connected to a smart phone. Comes complete with USB charging cable.

    Protection to EN 352, SNR 29. (H:33; M:26; L:18).

    • Bluetooth Speakers with AUX Input
    • 38 Hours Battery Run Time
    • Microphone Allows for Mobile Phone Connection
    • USB Charging Cable Included
    • Ideal for Mowing, Clearing, Brushcutting and Much More