Stihl Advance X-Vent Blue Tooth

Stihl Advance X-Vent Blue Tooth

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Vented helmet with slim profile Bluetooth ear protectors for comfort and mobility during operation and with the ratchet adjustment headband it’s simple to set-up. The Bluetooth ear protectors means you can listen to music or communicate with the grounds team during work. Reflective stickers are visible from all angles to aid safe working.

  • Features

    • Protective visor

      For protection from sunlight, rain, snow or debris.

    • Spring steel mesh

      By far the highest light transmission values. Very robust grid, honeycomb-like structure. Stainless steel material.

    • Helmet ventilation

      Thermography shows the advantages of a helmet with standard ventilation (right). The temperature fell by two to three degrees and the humidity increased by 50%.

  • Technical

    Technical data Value
    Ear protection SNR 27 (H: 30, M: 25, L: 18)
    Helmet material ABS
    Light penetration % 75 –80
    Sound level dBA 107
    Weight g 830