Stiga SAB 100 AE  (4.0Ah) Cordless Leaf Blower

Stiga SAB 100 AE (4.0Ah) Cordless Leaf Blower

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Compact and lightweight, the SAB 100 leaf blower makes clearing your garden, patio and driveway a breeze. It's powered by a 20V 4Ah battery – developed and tested by STIGA in Italy – that works up to 30 minutes at normal speed on one charge. This ergonomic cordless leaf blower is easy on your arms, hard on outdoor debris, and much quieter than a standard petrol leaf blower. Battery & Charger included.

  • Description

    With its 20V 4Ah battery, this cordless garden blower generates the air speed you need to easily clear leaves and debris. One charge gives you working times of 30 minutes at normal speed and 40 minutes at boosted speed. And because it's cordless, you don't have to worry about trailing cables or filling up with fuel, as you would with a petrol leaf blower. Weighing just 2.1kg, the SAB 100 is refreshingly lightweight. Its compact battery position keeps the device optimally balanced, and the soft grip ergonomic handle feels great. Whether you're clearing leaves or more stubborn debris, the SAB 100's variable speed ensures its more than up to the job. Whatever the task, its efficient intake air ventilation grid keeps air flowing and your garden leaf blower working perfectly. Then, when everything's clean and tidy, a quick release button separates the tube for space-saving storage. Battery & charger included.

  • Features

    • Cordless leaf blower, free from cables, petrol and hassle
    • Lightweight at only 2.1kg, with a comfortable soft grip ergonomic handle
    • Powerful motor generates an air speed up to 32m/s to easily clear debris
    • Variable speed settings clear different debris types and surfaces
    • Quick release button separates tube to save on storage space
    • 1 x STIGA E-Power 20V E 24 (4Ah) battery and charger with UK plug included
  • Specifications




    100 Series




    Suggested battery capacity

    4 Ah

    Power source

    Lithium-ion battery

    Battery capacity

    4 Ah

    Battery kit


    Motor type

    With brushes

    Maximum motor speed

    13000 rpm


    20 V

    Battery type


    Lithium battery nominal energy

    72 Wh


    0.28 kW

    Working time (+/- 20%)

    40 min