Stiga Park Pro 540 IX Inc 125cm Flip Deck

Stiga Park Pro 540 IX Inc 125cm Flip Deck

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Combining a premium 688 cc Honda V-Twin engine with 4WD, an out-front deck and articulated steering, the STIGA Park Pro 540 IX offers powerful, high-traction performance and unbeatable manoeuvrability thanks to its hydro-piston. High-specification features include an electromagnetic PTO clutch for effortless blade management; a foot-pedal hydrostatic drive for intuitive speed control; and ergonomic high-back seat for the best possible driver comfort.

  • Description

    • With STIGA 50:50 articulated steering, you can just care about what's in front of you
    • Premium 688 cc Honda V-Twin engine
    • 4WD ensures the greatest grip on any terrain
    • Hydraulic deck and accessories lift
    • Can be paired with cutting decks from 110 up to 125 cm
    • Quickflip technology: clean the deck in less than 30 seconds
  • Specifications

    Power - 14.3 kW

    Power source - Petrol

    Cutting method

    Combi - switch between Multiclip mulching and rear discharge

    Cutting width - 110 - 125 cm

    Traction - Four-wheel drive

    Maximum speed forward - 14 km/h

    Transmission method - Pedal-operated

    Transmission type - Hydrostatic