Mountfield SP425R

Mountfield SP425R

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Self -propelled with petrol power from a Honda engine, and a rear roller for a stripy lawn all combine to make the SP425R a reliable, easy and efficient mower. The Honda GCVx145 engine makes light work of all lengths of grass and the 41cm wide cutting blade nips effortlessly around small lawns.

  • Description

    To produce a classic stripy look to your lawn you need a rear roller. To effortlessly nip around a small lawn and to easily cut various lengths of grass, with the solidly built Honda petrol engine, you need the SP425R.
    Self-propelled, the Honda GCVx145 engine, producing 2.75kW of power at 2900 rpm, drives the 41cm wide cutting blade with resultant clippings being collected in the 55-litre canvas hard top collection bag. And when the bag is full there is an indicator to tell you to empty it (mix the grass clippings with equal amounts of woody material in your compost heaps to help produce the best garden compost ever.)
    The large 127mm diameter full-width rear roller provides a superb stripe to the lawn, and the anti-scalp comb helps to ensure the best finish as well as improving airflow to maximise collection performance.
    This is a powerful and efficient mower that is dependable, sturdy (the steel chassis sees to that) and carries a five-year extended warranty. It’s a beauty if you want a Honda engine and of course, that stripy lawn.

  • Features

    • Powered by Honda 145cc Petrol engine
    • Self-propelled with fixed forward speed  4.1Km/H
    • 41cm cutting width
    • Rear roller
    • 55-Litre Hybrid with full indicator grass collector 
    • 5-year extended warranty  (T&Cs apply)
  • Specifications

    Power source



    2.75 kW

    Engine Brand


    Cutting method


    Cutting width

    41 cm

    Deck material



    Rear-roller drive



    Speed forward

    4.1 Km/h

    Pack weight

    36.1 kg

    Product length

    1500 mm

    Product width

    490 mm

    Product height

    1120 mm