Mitox 360UX Premium Brush Cutter

Mitox 360UX Premium Brush Cutter

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The Mitox 360UX is a bike handle brushcutter, ideal for demanding homeowners or farm/landowners looking for a reliable powerful brushcutter for trimming or clearing overgrown grass. 

  • Description

    The updated range of Mitox® Premium brush cutters have been fitted with newly designed 2-stroke Euro 2 engines which offer increased power but lower emissions. The Mitox 360UX brush cutter uses a powerful 36.3cc engine which runs on a petrol & 2-stroke engine oil mix. The Mitox engines have a very simple starting procedure with a primer bulb and choke.


    Comfortable to use the 360UX has anti-vibration soft grip bike handles and ergonomically placed controls so it is simple to use. The double handles also have padded inserts which further reduce any vibration felt in the hands and arms. These features mean the machine can be used comfortably over extended periods. The heavy duty Tecomec bump feed trimmer head is hard wearing with a metal knob for durability. To tackle tougher strimming jobs you can swap the nylon head for a metal blade. 

  • Features

    •  Ergonomic soft grip controls
    • - Easy to start 36.3cc two-stroke petrol engine which delivers increased power and lower emissions; With automatic choke & SoftStart recoil assist
    • - Anti-vibration handle
    • - Premium nylon line bump feed grass trimmer cutting head, 3-tooth heavy duty metal brushcutting blade and twin strap harness included
  • Specifications

    • Model: Premium 360UX
    • Handle: AV Bike
    • Engine: Mitox® Euro 2
    • Engine Capacity: 36.3cc
    • Power: 1.6kW
    • Mitox Recommendation Fuel/Oil Mixture: 40:1
    • Shaft Diameter: 26mm
    • Trimmer Head: Tecomec Auto bump feed
    • Trimmer Line Diameter: 2.4mm
    • Metal Blade: 3 tooth
    • Harness: Premium twin shoulder
    • Vibration: 5.1m/s2
    • Weight: 8.2kg
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 5 year domestic, 90 days commercial