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Husqvarna QC500 Battery Charger

Husqvarna QC500 Battery Charger

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The Husqvarna QC500 Charger is optimised for fast charging of Husqvarna backpack batteries, plus the integrated BLi300 battery.

  • Description

    High-speed charger designed for efficient charging of high capacity batteries. Ideal for intensive professional applications.

    500W output with active battery cooling charges batteries up to 50% faster than our QC330 charger, cutting downtime as it increases productivity. Charge LED indicator.

  • Features

    The QC500 battery charger is made for Husqvarna backpack batteries and the BLi300 battery

    – It’s compatible with a wide variety of Husqvarna battery systems

    – The product has a high output of 500W

    – The unit uses active battery cooling to boost charging rates

    – Compared to the QC300 charger, the QC500 charges batteries 50% quicker

  • Specifications

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