Husqvarna Automower ® 535 AWD

Husqvarna Automower ® 535 AWD

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Advanced and highly effective robotic mower with all-wheel-drive developed for professional use. The model is designed to take care of areas up to 3,500 m² and navigates obstacles, tough terrain and slopes of up to 70 %. Adapted for public installations with simplified control for easy interaction. Object detection through ultrasonic technology, remote control and surveillance—together with the rest of your product fleet— with Husqvarna Fleet Services™.

  • Working area capacity

    3500 m² ±20%

  • Maximum slope performance inside installation

    70 %

  • Maximum slope performance at boundary

    50 %

  • Features

    Automower® All-Wheel Drive

    Automower® AWD models feature technology that optimizes the control of each individual wheel in order to enable superior operation in the most demanding terrain. With an impressive slope performance that handles 70 % (35°) incline. Automower® AWD rewrites the rules for autonomous maintenance of green spaces, improving the safety of your workforce.

    Pivoting rear body design

    Automower® AWD models are built with an articulated rear body design that enables truly excellent maneuverability for navigation on complex lawns and through passages. The rear body also has a pivoting capability, considerably enhancing the traction in rough terrain, making the most out of the AWD operation.

    Husqvarna Fleet Services™

    Husqvarna Fleet Services™ gives you the possibility to monitor and control multiple numbers of mowers from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can overview your mower’s status or exact location, command them to start, stop or park them all before the storm arrives. Easy to adjust settings and cutting heights. Receive alarms and track the mower’s position in case of theft – from everywhere.
    10 years mobile data contract included. Standard on 500-series, optional on X-line models. Husqvarna Fleet Services™ also work together with all other HFS sensor equipped products.

    Pro user interface

    Interface adapted for professional handling, meaning all settings and controls managed remotely through Husqvarna Fleet Services smartphone app or via PC/tablet. Controls on product; status LED indication and START / STOP functionality. Simplifies use for inexperienced users and minimizes serious impact on the product in case of vandalism.

    • GPS-assisted navigation - PATENTED
    • Automower® Connect
    • FOTA - Firmware-Over-The-Air
    • Remote object detection
    • PARK button on charging station - PATENTED
    • Ultra-silent drive
    • Manages slopes up to 70%
    • Weather timer
    • Automatic passage handling - PATENTED
    • Electric height adjustment - PATENTED
    • Triple guide wires - PATENTED
    • Remote start points x5
    • Flexible charging station placement
    • Balance control
    • Theft protection by GPS
    • Front bumper
    • Replaceable top covers
    • Reliability
    • Excellent cutting result
    • Unique cutting system
    • No emissions
    • Theft protection by alarm/PIN code
    • Automatic charging
    • Low energy consumption
    • Scheduling
    • Lift & Tilt sensors
    • Weather proof

    GPS-assisted navigation - PATENTED

    An onboard GPS system creates a map of the garden, including where the boundary and guide wires are installed. Husqvarna Automower® will then register which parts of the garden it has covered and adjusts its mowing pattern accordingly. This will ensure optimized lawn coverage and an excellent cutting result.

  • Specifications


    Working area capacity

    3500 m² ±20%

    Charging system


    Maximum slope performance inside installation

    35 °

     Cutting deck

    Cutting system

    3 pivoting razor blades

    Cutting width

    22 cm

    Cutting Height, min-max

    30-70 mm


    Product Size, LxWxH

    93x55x29 cm


    User Interface

    Professional User Interface/App







    PIN code


    Installation lock


    Time lock


    GPS Theft tracking


    Lift sensor


    Tilt sensor


    Ultrasonic sensor


    Handle type


    Wheel threads


    Extra blades

    6 pcs

    Loop wire

    0 m


    0 pcs

     Sound and Noise

    Sound level Guaranteed

    62 dB(A)