Husqvarna 553RBX

Husqvarna 553RBX

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Husqvarna 553RBX is our strongest backpack brushcutter and is developed for the toughest grass- and brush-clearing in difficult terrain. 

  • Description

    As a child of the 1980s, the sight of any heavy duty, backpack-mounted gadgetry immediately puts me in mind of Ghostbusters. But as much as it might be mildly evocative of Harold Ramis’ 1984 spook-hunting classic, Husqvarna’s 553RBX is far better at busting weeds and long grass than it is capturing ghosts; a superbly powerful commercial grade brushcutter with a comfortable backpack harness to boost productivity and prevent strain over extended periods of use, the 553RBX is perfect for tackling heavy agricultural, residential and horticultural work.

    The 553RBX is powered by a highly efficient 50.6cc X-Torq® petrol engine mounted on a comfortable backpack harness to ensure that you are as free and unencumbered as possible while working. This helps make sure that you can reach even the tightest and most tucked away areas of lawn, or even work on rougher terrain where a conventional brushcutter would prove too unwieldy. For added ease of use and even greater control, the 553RBX also features a flexible shaft and a soft-grip D-loop and J-handle. These features make the 553RBX easier and more comfortable to use, but also help to distribute the weight of the machinery more evenly to protect your back and shoulders during operation.

    The 553RBX is also impressively versatile, with both a T45X dual nylon line trimmer head and a tough metal grass blade included as standard. The trimmer head is perfect for managing lawn edges and other hard to reach areas of grass, but with a quick and practical ‘Tap & Go’ line advancement system to boost efficiency it can also be used for clearing larger patches of long grass. The metal grass blade, meanwhile, comes into its own when faced with areas thick with dense vegetation such as thistles, nettles and weeds. Switching between the two cutting modes is made easy by Husqvarna’s clever combi-guard, while both options also benefit from a heavy duty, high torque bevel gear which is positioned parallel to the ground to ensure optimal cutting performance.

    On top of all of this, the 553RBX is also impressively sturdy, with an easy-service standalone starter system and a quick-start fuel pump further bolstering its reliability. The 553RBX is thus a brushcutter ideal for professional gardeners and contractors working in tough conditions where freedom of movement is paramount, as well as for anyone taking on large amounts of heavy duty landscaping work. This might not sound quite as exciting as hunting phantoms with Bill Murray, perhaps making my initial Ghostbusters comparison slightly dubious, but with Husqvarna’s 553RBX long grass doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance.

  • Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: 50.6cc 2-stroke
    Power source: Petrol/oil mixture
    Starting method: Recoil
    Fuel tank capacity: 0.8 litres
    Handlebars: J Handle
    Anti-vibration system: N/a
    Harness: Integrated
    Cutting System: Nylon line/metal grass-blade
    Cutting width: N/a
    Adjustable length: N/a
    Weight: 12.1kg
    Warranty: 2 year domestic
    Weight 14 kg
    Dimensions 290 × 42 × 58 cm