Husqvarna 545RXT

Husqvarna 545RXT

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Husqvarna 545RXT is a brushcutter for professional users cutting or trimming long stretches of heavy grass or other vegetation. 

  • Description

    A high quality brushcutter is an absolute necessity for any professional gardener or contractor, and a good brushcutter will be mobile enough to work areas inaccessible to a lawnmower but powerful enough not to be fazed by tougher cutting jobs. Husqvarna’s 545RXT is a case in point; indisputably one of the best machines available in Husqvarna’s range of commercial grade 500 series brushcutters, the 545RXT offers a higher power to weight ratio and increased performance over extended periods of use compared to the similar 545RX and will thus ensure outstanding performance and reliability regardless of the size of the job at hand.

    When faced with particularly dense patches of weeds, thistles, brambles and long grass, for example, you will find the 545RXT’s durable metal grass blade a very useful option, with cutting performance bolstered by the addition of a high torque bevel gear positioned parallel to the ground within the cutting system. For situations in which a slightly lighter touch is required, on the other hand, the 545RXT also comes with a T45X dual nylon line trimmer head more than capable of achieving a pristine finish when working on edges and borders. However, the trimmer head is also efficient enough to be used for clearing larger areas of long grass, thanks to the inclusion of a handy ‘Tap & Go’ line feed system which offers a quick and simple method of advancing the cutting line. Furthermore, switching between these two cutting options is quick and simple thanks to a clever magnetic pin system, saving further time and effort.

    Powered by a superbly fuel efficient 45.7cc X-Torq® petrol engine, featuring Smart Start® technology to reduce starter cord resistance by up to 40%, the 545RXT is also pleasingly easy to operate thanks to a number of simply but effective design elements. The fuel tank, for example, is positioned in front of the engine to provide better overall balance, thus combining with the brushcutter’s extended shaft for an optimal working position and marvellous manoeuvrability. Likewise, the 545RXT’s ‘cow horn’ style handlebars are offset to place the cutting head at the centre of the user’s body, allowing for an even sweeping motion and much greater levels of productivity. Comfort, meanwhile, is ensured by the inclusion of an adjustable Balance XT harness and a vibration dampening LowVib® system, which together work to prevent any unnecessary strain during extended periods of use.

    In addition to all of this, the 545RXT can also be equipped with a tough metal saw blade (available separately) for pruning saplings, bushes and other woody growths, thereby further increasing the versatility of this remarkable piece of machinery.

  • Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: 45.7cc 2-stroke
    Power source: Petrol/oil mixture
    Starting method: Recoil
    Fuel tank capacity: 0.9 litres
    Handlebars: Wide grip
    Anti-vibration system: N/a
    Harness: Balance XT
    Cutting System: Nylon line/metal grass-blade
    Cutting width: N/a
    Adjustable length: N/a
    Weight: 8.5kg
    Warranty: 2 year domestic
    Weight 10 kg