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Husqvarna 525RX

Husqvarna 525RX

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Powerful yet lightweight and comfortable brushcutter. Tough on grass and undergrowth, easy on you.

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  • Description

    Working the land has traditionally required qualities such an endurance, strength and agility. The same remains true today, but now the above listed qualities are available to everyone thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Husqvarna’s 525RX, for example, is a commercial grade brushcutter which offers power, versatility and manoeuvrability enough to handle even the biggest landscaping jobs while simultaneously being easy and comfortable to use, making it perfect for anyone looking to tame Mother Nature’s wilder excesses when working around farms, estates and parks.

    One of the greatest strengths of the 525RX is undoubtedly its adaptability, most obviously evident in the dual cutting system. The basic cutting option offer by the 525RX is an efficient T35 dual nylon line trimmer head, perfect for dealing with edges, borders and any difficult to reach areas of grass inaccessible to a standard lawnmower. Moreover, due to a high torque bevel gear positioned parallel to the ground and a practical ‘Tap & Go’ line advancement system, the trimmer head is also efficient enough to use for clearing larger areas of long grass. Despair not when faced with thicket too dense for the trimmer head, however, as the 525RX is also supplied with a sturdy metal grass blade, and can even be equipped with a potent saw blade (available separately) if you need to prune saplings, dense bushes or other woody growths.

    Switching between the trimmer head and grass blade is made easy thanks to the design of Husqvarna’s clever combi-guard, which also works to deflect grass clippings and other detritus thrown up during use. For even greater convenience, the 525RX also features vibration dampening LowVib® technology and a supportive Balance 35 harness designed to prevent strain during extended periods of use. This is further complemented by the 525RX’s soft-grip ‘cow horn’ style handlebars, which are adjustable and offset to place the cutting head at the centre of the user’s body for an optimal cutting position and a clean, sweeping action when cutting long grass.

    None of this, of course, would amount to anything if it weren’t for the steady power supplied by the 525RX’s hard working 25.4cc X-Torq® petrol engine, featuring a design which reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% while increasing fuel efficiency by up to 20%. The inclusion of a fuel pump within the drive system, meanwhile, helps to ensure that the engine starts quickly, even on cold mornings, while Smart Start® technology reduces the resistance of the starter cord by up to 40% for added ease of use. Furthermore, with a protective skid plate for a longer service life and a stand alone starter system to facilitate easy maintenance, Husqvarna’s 525RX is a brushcutter you can trust to perform reliably all year round.

  • Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: 25.4cc 2-stroke  
    Power source: Petrol/oil mixture  
    Starting method: Recoil    
    Fuel tank capacity: 0.5 litres    
    Handlebars: U-Shaped    
    Anti-vibration system: N/a    
    Harness: Standard double shoulder  
    Cutting System: Nylon line/metal grass-blade
    Cutting width: N/a    
    Adjustable length: N/a    
    Weight: 5.1kg    
    Warranty: 2 year domestic  
    Weight 8 kg
    Dimensions 171 × 28 × 28 cm