Husqvarna 135R

Husqvarna 135R

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A powerful but light and manoeuvrable brushcutter designed for heavy duty grass mowing and trimming applications. Powered by a clean running 34.6cc X-Torq petrol engine.

  • Description

    Robust and powerful, Husqvarna’s professional brushcutters are designed for efficiency, reliability and comfort during extended periods of use. These brushcutters all feature high torque engines which make them an exceptional choice for all heavier residential, agricultural and horticultural applications, while simultaneously remaining pleasingly easy to use. The 135R, for example, is powerful and efficient but also surprisingly light for such an industrious machine, making it ideal for use in situations in which manoeuvrability is a priority.

    The 135R is driven by an impressively potent 34.6cc X-Torq® petrol engine, featuring a design which reduces harmful exhaust emissions and increases fuel efficiency without any loss in power.

    The 135R also impresses when it comes to versatility, with a dual cutting system meaning that it is easy to tailor your brushcutter to the job at hand. For situations in which subtlety and precision are of foremost import, such as tidying edges and borders, the 135R’s dual nylon line T35 cutting head will provide the control and accuracy required for a pristine finish. Moreover, thanks to a high torque bevel gear and a practical ‘Tap & Go’ line feed system you can even use the trimmer head for clearing larger areas of long grass quickly and efficiently. Should denser patches of weeds, nettles, thistles and tough grass prove problematic, however, the 135R can also be used with a tough metal grass blade. Switching between these two cutting modes is made simple by the design of the 135R’s clever combi-guard, which also deflects grass clippings and debris as you work.

    All of this power and performance, however, would not amount to much if the 135R wasn’t also reassuringly easy, comfortable and convenient to use. This is why the 135R comes equipped with ergonomically designed dual ‘cow horn’ handlebars, featuring soft-grip handles for added comfort and an adjustable cutting angle to ensure the best working position possible. Interestingly, the handlebars are also slightly offset to place the cutting head at the centre of the user’s body in order to improve manoeuvrability and allow for a smooth sweeping action when cutting long grass; this not only increases overall productivity, it also helps prevent lower back fatigue during extended periods of use.

    Given that the 135R is also supplied with one of Husqvarna’s supportive double-shoulder harnesses, so you can be assured that achieving excellent cutting results with this remarkable brushcutter will be easier and more comfortable than ever, no matter how big the job at hand.

  • Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: 34.6cc 2-stroke  
    Power source: Petrol/oil mixture  
    Starting method: Recoil    
    Fuel tank capacity: 0.6 litres    
    Handlebars: U-Shaped    
    Anti-vibration system: N/a    
    Harness: Standard double harness  
    Cutting System: Nylon line/metal grass-blade
    Cutting width: N/a    
    Adjustable length: N/a    
    Weight: 6.8kg    
    Warranty: 2 year domestic  
    Weight 8 kg