Husqvarna 122C

Husqvarna 122C

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A lightweight and highly manoeuvrable grass trimmer which will quickly and efficiently neaten up lawn edges and any unruly patches of grass which your lawnmower struggles to reach.

  • Description

    Domestic gardeners will be familiar with the sense of pride that a well-mown lawn can inspire, but also the frustration caused by untidy edges. To solve the problem, every gardener can benefit from a grass trimmer like the Husqvarna 122C. This lightweight and highly manoeuvrable tool is as useful as it is impressive. With a powerful petrol engine, the strimmer will tidy grass which your lawn mower struggles to reach.

    Operator Friendly Design

    The Husqvarna 122C has been designed for ease of use above all else, with the weight kept down to only 4.4kg to ensure your comfort even during prolonged periods of use. With a 21.7cc petrol engine, the strimmer is designed to remove any source of hassle during operation. Useful features include a fuel pump to ease hot and cold starting and a Smart Start® system which reduces recoil pull resistance by up to 40%. For added convenience, the 122C also features a clever auto-return stop switch which automatically resets to the ‘ON’ position to ensure trouble-free starting.

    Impressive Power

    The 122C’s cutting performance is incredibly impressive, with a dual nylon line T25 trimmer head. This provides an efficient and effective way of tidying lawn borders and cutting overgrown grass in tight corners and other hard to reach parts of the garden. To improve efficiency, the 122C also features a handy ‘Tap & Go’ line advancement system. When required, simply tap the trimmer head on the ground to extend the cutting line to the required length. With a comfortable ergonomic loop handle further improving the control and precision you can achieve with this machine, you can be sure that even the trickiest and most tucked patches of grass will be easy to tame.

    Low Noise

    Residential users will find that the Husqvarna 122C is remarkably quiet running and has been specifically designed to produce a pleasant tone during operation. Achieve a truly pristine finish in your garden without upsetting any noise-sensitive members of the neighbourhood.

  • Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Engine/motor: 21.7cc 2-stroke
    Power source: Power source: Petrol/oil mixture
    Starting method: Recoil with Smart Start®
    Maximum power speed 6000 rpm
    Fuel tank capacity: 0.36 litres
    Fuel consumption: 660 g/kWh
    Handlebars: Loop
    Anti-vibration system: Ergonomic handle
    Cutting System: Nylon line
    Weight: 4.4kg
    Warranty: 2 year
    Equivalent vibration level front/rear handle: 5/3.6 m/s²
    Sound pressure level at operators ear: 88 dB(A)
    Sound power level, guaranteed: 108 dB(A)
    Weight 7 kg
    Dimensions 165 × 29 × 29 cm