Henchman 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder - 12 ft

Henchman 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder - 12 ft

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3 adjustable legs adjust independently up to 18 inches (45cm) to accommodate for uneven surfaces, slopes, hills and steps.

  • Description

    The ideal replacement for the traditional stepladder for all indoor and outdoor projects at height on uneven, sloping ground steps or hills - with three adjustable legs this Henchman makes almost any surface safe and easy to work on.

    The 7”/ 18cm platform rung makes standing on the ladder comfortable while you work – your feet are firmly placed.

    You can then tuck your knees into the frame for extra stability meaning you can use both hands safely as you work.

    On every ladder you are the total height minus the 3ft / .9m of the platform above the ground and the upper part of the ladder is the platform with rungs to lean into not stand upon.

    The 3 leg adjustable tripod platform ladder range starts at 6ft - with the largest at 16ft, meaning you are standing 13ft above the ground.

    The tripod solution is easier to place safely in any position – when all three feet are in contact with the ground and the rungs are level your ladder will not wobble.

    All three legs adjust to allow you to work on most surfaces, if you are planning to use your 3 leg adjustable tripod every day or for work you should consider the more robust Professional 3 leg adjustable tripod platorm ladder which has thicker Aluminium for greater durability and product longevity or if your hedges/ roses/ wysteria is longer and you'd like a solution where you can get more done in each step the Hi Step Platform might be more suitable option for you. 

  • Features

    • Built to keep you safe when working at heights on uneven ground
    • 3 adjustable legs adjust independently up to 18 inches (45cm) to accommodate for uneven surfaces, slopes, hills and steps
    • No-wobble tripod structure ensures greater stability compared with traditional stepladders 
    • Ideal for pruning, hedge trimming, and indoor use with ouroptional rubber feet
    • Wide clawed feet firmly grip into soft ground, offering further stability
    • Professionally hand-welded by accredited welders to increase strength and durability
    • 150kg maximum load. Offers professional level safety for all - tested by British Standards Institution (BSI) to conform to BS EN 131-2:2010+A2:2017
    • Platform / maximum standing height - 9ft / 2.7m
    • This ladder offers you a working height range of between 12-14ft / 3.6-4.8m (waist to shoulder)
  • Weight and Storage Specs

    Height: 12ft / 3.6m 

    Standing platform depth: 7in / 18cm

    Approximate working height (waist level): 12ft / 3.6m 

    Approximate working height (shoulder level): 14ft / 4.2m 

    Maximum standing height: 9ft / 2.7m  

    Weight: 15kg

    Storage dimensions: 12ft / 3.6m x 5ft / 1.5m ( L x W ). Can be stored securely outside.

    Storage depth:  0.2m on all tripod ladders

    Weight limit: 150kg