Alko Robolinho 450W Robotic Mower

Alko Robolinho 450W Robotic Mower

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Small, compact and agile. The Robolinho® 450 W maintains your garden fully automatically. Thanks to the intelligent connection to Smart Garden systems, not only is your lawn mowed reliably, but you also get a lot of free time.

  • Description

    The Robolinho® 450 W was developed by our engineers in Germany, it is manufactured by our specialists in Austria - this is how we at AL-KO Gardentech ensure that we only guarantee the best quality for our customers. Durable components and sophisticated technology make the Robolinho® a reliable companion and helper for the daily lawn care in your garden. The robotic lawnmower is extremely easy to install; both the base station and the smart gardening connection are quickly ready. Our sophisticated software and intuitive operation make lawn care easier for you, whenever and wherever you want.


  • Features

    • Fully automatically mows areas of up to 450 m²
    • Whisper-quiet when mowing with low sound levels of only 60 dB (A)
    • Suitable for narrow passages and the tightest corners thanks to compact operation and intelligent control
    • Very easy to operate with the AL-KO inTouch app via WLAN
  • Specifications

    Intelligent garden maintenance and smart gardening are part of the present with the Robolinho® 450 W: Thanks to the hardware installed in the robotic lawnmower, a simple connection via the AL-KO inTOUCH app is all you need. The Robolinho will then run comfortably via your WiFi. Being quiet and emission-free ensures pleasant operation, with the mower receiving its energy from a 2.2 Ah / 18 V strong and long-lasting lithium-ion battery. This means that the AL-KO robotic lawnmower can also be operated at any time, day or at night without any problems. The specially developed movement technology paired with a 20 cm cutting width ensure efficient lawn care for areas of up to 450 m² with obstacles such as trees or slopes of up to 35% easily mastered. The blade service life is four times longer than other robotic lawnmowers thanks to the design and the alternation of the cutting direction. Please note: When purchasing our solo by AL-KO robotic lawnmowers, both soil nails and loop wire are not included with the machine. The cutting height can be adjusted from 25 mm to 55 mm, which means that you can adapt the length of your lawn to your personal preferences. The cutting technology ensures a perfect cut and the grass clippings are chopped up in the mower housing and fed back into the lawn as biological fertiliser meaning that using the Robolinho® 450 W, you do not have to dispose of any clippings. The reliable safety technology of the robotic lawnmower offers maximum safety for people and animals.