Alko 40 E Comfort Electric Lawnmower

Alko 40 E Comfort Electric Lawnmower

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The 3-in-1 electric lawnmower is the perfect mower for high-quality lawn care in any residential area, thanks to emission-free and whisper-quiet operation. The AL-KO electric mowers are available in power classes up to 1,400 W and operate without exhaust fumes and engine oil. The cable operation allows you to work without regard to charging times or refuelling - and without extra weight by battery or fuel tank. 

  • Description

    The advantages: Smooth, green mowing with little weight and in comfort. 
    Thanks to its 3-in-1 function, the 40 E Comfort also offers you the functionality of a mulching mower: the finely chopped grass clippings are blown back onto the lawn as a natural fertiliser. This is done by tool-free insertion of a mulch wedge in the rear discharge chute. Not only is mulching environmentally friendly, but it also saves you the effort of disposing of the grass as well as extra costs for lawn fertiliser. 
    The powerful 40 E Comfort with 40 cm cutting width impresses with its powerful electric motor - ideal for efficient and time-saving mowing of even larger areas. The large XL-smooth running wheels and a pleasant soft rubber handle make it the perfect mower for those who require smooth, emission-free mowing in comfort. 
    For your safety: Thanks to the safety lever switch with cable strain relief, starting and operation is safe and easy - the cable strain relief protects against unintentional disconnection of the cable. 

  • Features

    • Quiet, emission-free and safe lawn mowing
    • 3-in-1 function: mowing, catching, mulching
    • Cutting height adjustment with a handle
    • Large 43 litre collector for large lawns
    • Height-adjustable handlebars
  • Specifications

    With its powerful 1400 W electric motor and a 40 cm cutting width, this electric lawnmower offers you the high mowing power needed to get through lawns of up to 600 m² quickly and effortlessly. The 40 E Comfort guarantees manoeuvrability thanks to its innovative, extra-compact design. 
    The powerful 1,400 W motor and low weight of only 19 kg, the lawn mower ensures efficient progress with grass cutting heights ranging from 28 mm up to 70 mm. The cutting height can be adjusted by the central height adjustment with just one hand - in 6 stages. Thanks to the XL smooth running wheels (155/199 mm), a smooth-running, fatigue-free guiding of the lawn mower with minimal effort is possible.