AL-KO LSH 520 5 log splitter with guard

AL-KO LSH 520 5 log splitter with guard

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  • Horizontal log splitter with a splitting length of up to 52 cm and a splitting force of 5.0 tonne
  • Particularly safe thanks to the protective cover
  • Two-hand safety control
  • Mobile and comfortable working height
  • Features

    With AL-KO's horizontal splitters, wood can be split easily. The two-hand safety control ensures safe working and precise splitting of the wood. Durable and high-quality materials and multi-welded components ensure a long lifespan for the horizontal log splitter.


    Technical Details of the AL-KO LSH 520/5 electric log splitter

    The AL-KO LSH 520/5 horizontal log splitter from AL-KO splits pieces of wood with a length of up to 52 cm. It achieves a maximum splitting force of 5.0 T. Due to the solid construction and the use of strong materials, the weight of the AL-KO LSH 520/5 log splitter is approx. 47 kg. The steel parts are high-quality powder-coated and is well protected against corrosion. The horizontal log splitter is operated via a 230 volt connection (mains operation) and achieves a power output of 2,200 watts. Extra safe operation is provided by protective cover which ensures the splitting area is kept isolated and the log can not cause injury during the splitting process. The stable wheels make the 520/5 log splitter easy to manoeuvre to and from the working area.

    Despite the two-hand safety controls and the associated risk reduction, we recommend that you wear safety shoes, safety glasses and gloves when operating the splitter. During operation, make sure to place the log splitter on a firm, level surface.


    Buy the AL-KO LSH 520/5 log splitter & alternatives

    You can purchase the AL-KO LSH 520/5 horizontal log splitter directly in our webshop or from one of our specialist dealers. It is the ideal partner for splitting firewood up to 52 cm in length.
    If you need more splitting force or have logs up to 30cm in diameter, we recommend the AL-KO LSV 550/6 vertical log splitter.

  • Specifications

    EAN 4003718060775
    Product Range AL-KO
    Power in Watts 2,200
    Max Splitting Pressure in Tonnes 5
    Max Splitting Length 520 mm
    Voltage 230 V
    Weight in kg approx 60.5